Hill Country Stone Skirting

          "A masonry light-weight, seamless panel system"



Tools Needed:

  • Line

  • Shovel

  • Tape Measure

  • Level

  • Drill

  • Screw Gun

  • Grout Bag

  • Skill Saw




   Installation Instructions


Panels are numbered on top: I, II, III, IV. Install and then repeat.

Panel Sizes:

26" x 24" High

26" x 36" High

26" x 48" High

26" x 28" High

26" x 40" High

52" x 24" High

26" x 32" High

26" x 44" High 

52" x 28" High


Pull a line under the house and dig a 2" - 4" trench (below frost line) measuring the desired height.


NOTE: Footings are required in northern zones. 




Install back rail and attach panels with screws through the tabs. Adhere panels together with F26 adhesive.

. .

Install panels with vents as needed. Standard vents are 6" from the top, in every 6th panel.


Miter or butt the corners and adhere with F26 adhesive.

The vents are  factory installed or may be cut in as needed.


Install the cap to the back rail.

Alternate installations: fit panels under the house and screw-attach to the framing or use top ledges (no back rail and cap) and glue ledge on top of panel, under siding lap.


Grout the joints and fill in the trench with soil or concrete.


Install step kit and chimney kit.




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